FistSample0001_zpsxq5gstrp This Week in Comics

THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (5/20/15 – somebody save us please)

Wow! Another big week of great comics! Let’s dive right in! Continue reading

henderson1a A Cartoonist’s Diary

Sam Henderson: Day One

In which the author begins a temporary job teaching cartooning for the week Continue reading

Mizuki Shigeru, Kitarō Night Tales, vol. 1 (Sanyōsha, September 1960), showing Trunk Nagai with the sprout of the bloodsucker tree. What Was Alternative Manga?

Blood Plants: Mizuki Shigeru, Kitaro, and the Japanese Blood Industry

Blood banks and comics? The topic’s not as arbitrary as you might think. It’s quite a natural pairing, actually, both in Japan and in the United States, though for utterly different reasons. Continue reading

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THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (5/13/15 – A Blaze of Retrospect)


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THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (5/6/15 – Underground Comics)

A subterranean journey through Free Comic Book Day. Continue reading

Batman05 TCJ Talkies

Dustin Harbin on Batman Year One

Dustin Harbin joins me for a conversation about Batman Year One, by Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli. Full disclosure, I went into this pick totally wanting to hate on it and hate on Frank Miller, but I have to stay … Continue reading

Roger-2 Hare Tonic

Roger Armstrong: Conversing with One of Cartooning’s Better Sprites

Armstrong (1917-2007) was a man-sized pixie with a gray beard and a haystack hair-do and dark Mephistophlean eyebrows, an archetypically elfin presence who saw the humor in humanity’s parade and delighted in it. Continue reading

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THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (4/29/15 – Break Your Back with Books)

Just a simple, old-fashioned column this week. No fuss. Continue reading