Em30001 This Week in Comics

THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (8/3/16 – Blooming Sun)

Some things are inevitable. Continue reading

BeetleEyes Connecticut Cartoonists

Connecticut Cartoonists #7: Mort Walker, Dik Browne and Jerry Dumas

A gag dynasty. Continue reading

AtrophyCage0001 This Week in Comics

THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (7/27/16 – Keep ’em peeled.)

The rampant commerce column where you can believe your eyes once more. Continue reading

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Episode 12: Anna Bongiovanni

Discussing Manic Pixie Nightmare Girls!, Bread and Wine, Kiki Smith, and so much more. Continue reading

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THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (7/20/16 – Return to Dream Land)

Hope to see you in San Diego! I mean, sometime in the future. I’m not going this week, fuck that. Continue reading

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THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (7/13/16 – Invisible Monsters)

The whole world is watching. Continue reading

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Connecticut Cartoonists #6: More Quality Folks

This time our crew consists of Klaus Nordling, Harry Sahle, Tony DiPreta and, in Connecticut for a brief stay, Alex Kotzky. Continue reading

PettBevin Hare Tonic

Social Media, Freedom of Speech, and Editorial Cartooning

Ann Telnaes, editorial cartoonist for the Washington Post, discussed recently the implications for her profession of the social media reactions to the notorious “Ted Cruz monkey children” cartoon she drew last December. Continue reading