A Cartoonist’s Diary

Katie Skelly: Day One

There’s no better way to start off a week than to get an email from a celebrity. No better way! Continue reading

10 Cent Museum

Where I’m Coming From (Part 2)

Zines disappear arbitrarily and without warning. For the final installment in this series, I’ve tried to write about a great many, in the hopes that works that have moved me might open up forgotten corners of what is possible in cartooning.
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A Cartoonist’s Diary

A Trumped Up Tour

R. Sikoryak hit the road to promote his book. Is the road going to hit back? Continue reading

Comics Dragnet

Comics Dragnet 2

Time to gather up another round of webcomics… Continue reading

Ice Cream For Bedwetters

Jerk City, USA

Mike Grell wrote a lot of issues of Green Arrow. But were any of them any good? Let Tegan take the wheel. Continue reading

Hare Tonic

Smokestack Foo-mania: The Life and Notary Sojac of Bill Holman

Holman took madcap comedy, pumped it into a comic strip, Smokey Stover, and punned his way to everlasting infoomy. Continue reading

10 Cent Museum

Where I’m Coming From (Part 1)

The minicomics and zines that shaped the columnist’s aesthetics. Continue reading

A Cartoonist’s Diary

Tom McHenry: Day Five

Getting it together for the office party, facing the Wallace Shawn challenge: it’s been one hell of a week. Continue reading