Lost Jay Lynch Painting Featured on Roadside Antiques Riff Raff

The Origins of RAW and a Lost Lynch is Discovered

At CXC, Spiegelman and Mouly discuss their early projects. And Jay Lynch talks about a painting of his recently rediscovered on Roadside Antiques. Continue reading

AdultSample0001_zpstff1vyce This Week in Comics

THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (10/21/15 – 7,000 Words About the New Star Wars Trailer)

All of this week’s comics are either from Europe or people who’ve heard of Europe. Take it to the bank, Hank. Continue reading

Tezuka Osamu and Sakai Shichima, New Treasure Island (January 1947). What Was Alternative Manga?

Gottfredson’s Illegitimate Heirs: Tezuka Osamu and the Great Wall of 1945

Debating Tezuka’s American influences. Continue reading

lovers_only_web_cover High-Low

Twenty Small Press Anthologies Of Note

Taking the pulse of the alt-comics world by way of a traditional method: evaluating anthologies. Continue reading

CCS05 (1) A Cartoonist’s Diary

Noah Van Sciver: Day Five

October country. Continue reading

frank library Riff Raff

CXC 2015 Reports

Frank and John Kelly report from the first Cartoon Crossroads Columbus, “easily the best comics show.” Continue reading

CCS004 A Cartoonist’s Diary

Noah Van Sciver: Day Four

Hey hey hey Continue reading

CCS003 A Cartoonist’s Diary

Noah Van Sciver: Day Three

Lunar eclipse in Vermont Continue reading