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The Truth about America’s Superheroes; Or, Real-Life Revisionism. 

In one image, Daniel Clowes defeats the superhero. Also: Eugenics, Fetishes, Word Games, Race, Feminism, Fredric Wertham, Corporate Branding, Libertarians, Pajamas, Stan Lee, Graffiti, The Austrian School of Economics, and much more! Continue reading

Day5_FINAL_JeremySorese (4) A Cartoonist’s Diary

Jeremy Sorese: Day Five

Grandma’s 95th birthday party, and the ride home. Continue reading

IMG_4083 Riff Raff

CAB 2015 Roundup(s): Clowes, Kitchen & Head

Frank Santoro here, this week we have a double column about the CAB festival. I’ve got a brief report and then John Kelly will take over to give a much fuller account of the activities. John and I will both … Continue reading

Day4_FINAL_JeremySorese A Cartoonist’s Diary

Jeremy Sorese: Day Four

Returning a library book by Alice Munro, while prone to tears Continue reading

Day3_FINAL_JeremySorese A Cartoonist’s Diary

Jeremy Sorese: Day Three

Going to Lincoln Center, and remembering Moonstruck. Continue reading

LilCover_zpszsiqdjzf This Week in Comics

THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (11/11/15 – Sinister International)

One day there will be art here, but for now: commerce. Continue reading

Day2_FINAL_JeremySorese A Cartoonist’s Diary

Jeremy Sorese: Day Two

The stereotypical weekly visit with his snarky gay Jewish therapist. Continue reading

Day1_FINAL_JeremySorese A Cartoonist’s Diary

Jeremy Sorese: Day One

Mean neighbors. Continue reading