What Was Alternative Manga?

Tezuka Osamu and American Comics

Tezuka was a comic book artist, first and foremost, his dreams and later successes with animation notwithstanding. And as a comic book artist it would only make sense if comic books were his strongest influence, which indeed they were. Continue reading

Riff Raff

New Talent Showcase 9

Angie Wang, Aaron Cockle, Jessica Campbell, Max de Radigués, Andy Burkholder Continue reading

Comics of the Weak

I Read Somewhere That These Things Are Worth Money

Tucker is mellowing? Plus Comic-Con. Continue reading


Construction Manual * John Hankiewicz’s “The Kimball House”

A close reading of an unusual comic by the innovative cartoonist John Hankiewicz. Bonus: the full comic is included! Continue reading

Monsters Eat Critics

Echoes of ’82

A series of filmed arguments for Jack Kirby’s legacy. Continue reading

This Week in Comics

THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (7/11/12 – Halloween in July)

A scary incident from Alan Moore’s past, among other chillers for your summertime bag. Continue reading

Riff Raff

Ed Piskor Report

What You See Is What You Get Continue reading

Comics of the Weak

I’d Like To Declare My Independence From These Pants

Joe McCulloch on Ozymandius, Abhay Khosla on Marvel NOW!, and Tucker Stone works through some negative emotions. Continue reading