Monsters Eat CriticsMonsters Eat Critics

Providence 4

Providence: Lovecraft, Sexual Violence, and the Body of the Other

Craig Fischer on Moore’s mind-bending masterpiece. Continue reading


Hawkeye Supercut

An in-depth and at-length consideration of Matt Fraction, David Aja & company’s Hawkeye. Continue reading


My Friend Dave

The A to Z of MAD Magazine’s Dave Berg. Continue reading


One Life, Many Books: Michel Rabagliati’s Paul

I can’t believe that I ever found Rabagliati’s art “simple.” Continue reading

Death of Superman

My Back Pages

My ostensible reason for teaching serialization in the first place was that I felt an obligation to discuss the history of the floppy, but my students don’t care at all about that history. Continue reading


Night and Day: Notes on Building Stories

Building Stories? Take your time, and read it carefully. Continue reading

From JONAH HEX #63.

Devils and Machines: On Jonah Hex and All Star Western

This column fulfills a promise. Continue reading


Echoes of ’82

A series of filmed arguments for Jack Kirby’s legacy. Continue reading

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