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Happy Birthday, Alex Niño

While Alex Nino is retired, we bet he’s still celebrating birthdays: today is his 80th, and Oliver Ristau is here to remind you why you should be sending cards. Continue reading


Come in from the Cold: Gou Tanabe’s At the Mountains of Madness and the Comics Adaptations of H.P. Lovecraft

Tom Shapira runs through some of the many comics adaptations of H.P. Lovecraft’s writing with an aim towards crowning one with the title of Number One. Continue reading


The Best Comics of the Decade (Are All Judge Dredd)

Tom Shapira looks back at the last ten years of Judge Dredd, John Wagner, and trying to use violence as a solution. Continue reading


Are You Not Entertained? Tegan Enters The DC Universe

Tegan O’Neil takes a dip into the world of subscription based comic book reading, with the DC Universe. Can she resist the temptation to watch cancelled television shows and focus on back issues instead? It’s time for an economics lesson! Continue reading


It Is Time To Boycott Marvel

RJ Casey has had it up to here, and has decided it’s time to pull out of this whole arrangement. Will you join him? Continue reading


Dammit Jim, I’m a Comics Retailer, Not a Doctor!

In the inaugural edition of our new op ed column, we’re sharing the unedited version of a pamphlet given out this week at the annual ComicsPro meeting between publisher and comic shop retailers in Charlotte, NC. Continue reading