Best Of The Fests

Rob Clough takes a look at mini-comics from Kayla E., Sam Sharpe, Hyena Hell, Haleigh Buck and more in a column he’s calling a return “to the roots” of High-Low! Continue reading


Welcome to Paradise Systems

R. Orion Martin (with kuš!) has helped translate and publish a number of underground Chinese comics artists, which American alternative comics readers will find familiar in subject matter, but strange and original in tone and approach. Continue reading


The Reveries of E.A. Bethea

E.A. Bethea’s comics read as a detailed, confessional fever dream. Continue reading


Telling on Your Secrets: Comics from Kevin Budnik, 2014-2017

In Budnik’s comics, he reveals his deepest fears and the ongoing, active experience of living with mental illness. Continue reading


Rediscovering Genre: Study Group Comics

A close look at the recent output of Zack Soto’s genre-focused small publishing house, Study Group. Continue reading


The Best Short-Form Comics of 2016

Our minicomics columnist chooses his thirty favorite shortform comics published last year. Continue reading


The Comics Nurturer: Kevin Czap & Czap Books

Kevin Czap was recently awarded the Emerging Talent award at the Cartoon Crossroads Columbus (CXC) festival, a fitting honor for a cartoonist and publisher who is starting to publish on a more aggressive basis. A self-proclaimed “Comics Mom,” Czap’s goal … Continue reading


A Retrofit Comics Survey

Taking stock of a wide, stylistically various range of comics, released over the past three years by the imprint run by Box Brown and Big Planet Comics. Continue reading