Hare TonicHare Tonic

Helen E. Hokinson

One of the New Yorker’s Pace-setting Big Four Continue reading


Bringing Up Father and the Rest of the Comic Page

Jiggs and George McManus Continue reading


The Orphan’s Epic

How Annie and Her Dog Sandy Lasted for Almost 86 Years.
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Making the World Safe for Insanity

The Absurdities of Vip Continue reading


Stan Lynde, the Western, and the Spirit of Independence

Rich O’Shay, Latigo, The Price of Fame, and Pardners,
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Growing Old in Gasoline Alley: Ninety-four Years And Counting

A multi-generational strip recalled. Continue reading


John T. McCutcheon, Dean of American Cartoonists: Adventurer and Inventor of the Slow Ball

When The Chicago Tribune was a serious newspaper back in the early 20th Century, it ran a cartoon on the front page, above the fold—every day. And for over 40 years, that cartoon was drawn by John McCutcheon, an unlikely suspect. Continue reading


Mark Twain at the Drawing Board

H.T. Webster, A Timid Soul for the Ages Continue reading