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Etta Hulme: Trailblazing with Ettatorial Cartoons

Etta Hulme is an icon in editorial cartooning, a trailblazer for women cartoonists. She was a full-time editoonist on the staff of a major metropolitan daily newspaper before any other woman cartoonist was; she was widely syndicated at a time when no other woman cartoonist was. Continue reading


National Cartoonists Society Pats Itself on the Back But Who Better Qualified To Do It?

The big takeaway from the Memorial Day weekend meeting of the National Cartoonists Society is that Non Sequitur’s Wiley Miller was named Cartoonist of the Year and presented with the Reuben, a heavy metal statuette in the shape of a pile of comical characters. Continue reading


Understanding Barnaby

“The most important addition to American arts and letters” Continue reading


The Perversion of the Graphic Novel and Its Refinement

The pleasures and problems of the new graphic novel boom. Continue reading


Viewing Life Through a Twinkle

The Life and Art of Eldon Dedini
Continue reading


Morrie Turner: To Say the Name Is Both Eulogy and Tribute

Morrie Turner, 1923-2014 Continue reading


Who Discovered Superman

Rummaging through a host of claimants Continue reading


George Baker and the Sad Sack

And A Few Others from Yank, the Army Weekly Continue reading