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Understanding Barnaby

“The most important addition to American arts and letters” Continue reading


The Perversion of the Graphic Novel and Its Refinement

The pleasures and problems of the new graphic novel boom. Continue reading


Viewing Life Through a Twinkle

The Life and Art of Eldon Dedini
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Morrie Turner: To Say the Name Is Both Eulogy and Tribute

Morrie Turner, 1923-2014 Continue reading


Who Discovered Superman

Rummaging through a host of claimants Continue reading


George Baker and the Sad Sack

And A Few Others from Yank, the Army Weekly Continue reading


Mistress of Adolescent Angst, Girlish Laughter Division

Marty Links and Bobby Sox Continue reading


Sergio Aragones and the Art of Pantomime Cartooning

Sergio Aragones’s pictures provoke laughter all on their own. Continue reading