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Smokestack Foo-mania

The Life and Notary Sojac of Bill Holman Continue reading


Consider the Source of the Crisis in the Newspaper Comics Strip Kingdom

A Perverse and Cynical Contrary View Full of Hope. Continue reading


The Economics of Comics: How Money Influenced the Art

It is ironic that the economics of the industry have for so much of its history worked against the art. Continue reading


Ted Rall vs the Los Angeles Times

A look at the varying accounts surrounding the Los Angeles Times’ firing of Ted Rall, and whether the LAPD told the newspaper to do it. Continue reading


Modesty Blaise and Peter O’Donnell and the Last Great Adventure Strip

To me, Modesty Blaise and Willie Garvin are a literary pair that ranks with Damon and Phintias. Or Roland and Oliver. Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson. Continue reading


Otto Soglow and the Little King: The Silent Runs Deep

A profile of the pantomime master. Continue reading


Trudeau’s Charlie, PEN’s Charlie, and Geller’s Charlie

The question of offensiveness abounds. Continue reading


From Figure Drawing to Storytelling

A quick eccentrically skewed tour of the comic book’s crucial 1970-1990s from corporate creation to individual expression. Continue reading