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Remembering Pedro

The adventures of multiple cartoonists and one donkey. Continue reading


Magazine Gag Cartoons, Michelle Urry, and Cartooning for Playboy

A rare conversation with the longtime cartoon editor of Playboy. Continue reading


Gluyas Williams: Master of Line and Shape and Subject

A life of the master of the clear line. Continue reading


A Look Back at 20 Years of Mankoff’s New Yorker

The Incomparable Mankoff. Continue reading


Krazy Love

How George Herriman’s metaphysical comedy evolved.

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Jerry Dumas, Cartoonist and Poet

A remembrance of the longtime daily cartoonist. Continue reading


Not Just Another Comics Festival

Our man in Columbus reports from CXC Continue reading


Unsung Al Smith, Record-Holding Unknown Cartoonist

Smith, like Jones, is a name so plentiful in English-speaking countries that it achieves virtual invisibility and thereby anonymity. And the only Al Smith who ever broke free of the amorphous mob of Smiths is the one that was a … Continue reading