The Craziest Damn Superhero Universe: All Time Comics

Paul Tumey goes all in on the work found in All Time Comics, a gonzo series of super-hero comics made by the likes of Trevor Von Eeden, Josh Simmons, Josh Bayer, Julia Gfrörer, Noah Van Sciver and more. Continue reading


Ominous Absurdity From “The Pits of Hell” by Ebisu Yoshikazu

This collection of surreal and savage manga stories drawn in a naïve art style vibrates on my bookshelf and issues forth the sounds of thumping pachinko machines, clattering speedboat motors and roars of rage so intense there is no doubt in my mind they have the power to rip my head off. Continue reading

Mark Campos at the 2012 Short Run Comics & Arts Festival. Photo: James Gill.

Mark Campos, 1962-2018: Seattle’s Unsung Comics Master Remembered

A tribute to the Seattle cartoonist’s life and work, with remembrances from friends and fellow cartoonists. Continue reading


Art Young Returns, and Nine More

At the top of Tumey’s stack of favorite books of 2017 sits a thick, five-pound book with about 800 old cartoons which are mostly political. Continue reading


The Emil Ferris Interview: Monsters, Art and Stories (Part 2)

“She uses the sketchbook idea as a way to change the grammar and syntax of the comics page …” – Art Spiegelman in The New York Times, February 17, 2017 (“First, Emil Ferris Was Paralyzed. Then Her Book Got Lost … Continue reading

Emil Ferris

The Emil Ferris Interview: Monsters, Art and Stories (Part 1)

My Favorite Thing is Monsters author Emil Ferris on her life as an artist and her love of monsters. Continue reading


Seeking Salivation! Food in Early Comics

University of Washington professor José Alaniz invited me to prepare and deliver a guest lecture on early comics for his class on food-themed comics. You could say I hoped the project would turn out to be something I could sink my teeth into. I was not disappointed. Continue reading


A “Konversation” with George Herriman’s Biographer, Michael Tisserand (Part Two)

If one is going to spend ten years on a single subject, George Herriman is a good one. Continue reading