Crafting a Complete Zap

A chat with the editor and publisher of The Complete Zap. Continue reading


Zap: An Unpublished Spain Rodriguez Interview

In celebration of the release of the Comics Journal Library book of Zap interviews, we present this unpublished interview with the late Spain Rodriguez. It does not appear in the Zap Interviews book. Continue reading


Should the Kirby Family Have Settled?

On Veterans Day Marvel celebrated Jack Kirby’s military service with photos and recollections from Kirby’s son Neal. Does this collaboration prove that the Kirby heirs triumphed in their fight for justice, or did their settlement betray creator’s rights? Continue reading


Zap: An Interview with Robert Crumb

Zap: The Interviews, Volume 9 of The Comics Journal Library, hits stores this month, collecting all the Zap-related Comics Journal interviews, plus several previously unpublished conversations with the Zap cartoonists. In celebration of this release, we’re publishing things that didn’t make the cut, starting first with the great Robert Crumb. Continue reading


Wonder Woman and the Unknown: An Interview with Jill Lepore

The cartoonist Ron Rege, Jr. interviews Lepore on feminism, the occult, and other matters connected to her groundbreaking book, The Secret History of Wonder Woman. Continue reading


Zap: Censorship and Suppression

America at mid-twentieth century was chock full of self-appointed, blue-nosed guardians of good taste who tried to control what could be shown in popular media and insisted that everyone follow their rules. Continue reading


Letter to a Young Cartoonist

What is the meaning of the Internet? And what can be done about it? I am 36. Like Virgil in Dante’s Inferno I come from Another Time, the pre-Internet era, to guide you, Young Cartoonist, through the architecture of Hell. Continue reading


Into the Forest with Lorenzo Mattotti

A chat with the artist of Hansel and Gretel and numerous other books and projects about process, Italian design, and the early 1980s. Continue reading