Choosing the Heroes of the Comics

How Friedman decided who to draw. Continue reading


Life at ELCAF 2014

On the floor at the third annual East London Comic and Arts Festival. Continue reading


Charles Barsotti 1933-2014

A Barsotti cartoon has the brisk immediacy of a mentholated cough drop. Continue reading


A Conversation with Hillary Chute

A dialogue with Hillary Chute about Outside the Box, Comics: Philosophy and Practice, canons, and projects. Continue reading


“Ugly Is Good”: An Interview with Katie Skelly

The Operation Margarine creator talks biker films, science fiction, sex, and escape. Continue reading


Here’s the Thing About Collectors

Uber-collectors Glenn Bray and Lena Zwalve have invited many guests over the years to enjoy their collection of pop culture and sequential art, but with the publication of The Blighted Eye they have unleashed their eclectic tastes onto a broader audience Continue reading


Cottage Industry

In 1997, at an age when most men’s life planning turns toward Social Security, Malcolm Whyte launched a new career. He had formerly published books and he wanted to again. But what books and on what scale? Continue reading


“Let Your Dreams Touch Air”: An Interview with Carlos Gonzalez

Carlos Gonzalez is an deeply inspirational figure in the underground comics and music scene. His influence is manifest in much of the genre and horror-driven work that appears in the current generation, but his presence seems to be more of a rumor, even a legend. Continue reading