Recent Reading

My recent reading — making my way through the piles. We’ve got your Koch, Benjamin, Davidson, Marra, Chandler, Pratt, Toth, Lagon, etc. Continue reading


Funny Angry: An Interview with Jane Mai

Jane Mai’s See You Next Tuesday is a raucous bunch of short comics and scraps. This third book in what appears to be a loose trilogy is lighter and funnier, but allows itself to go deeper and darker as a result. Continue reading


Restoring a Lost Psychedelic Anime Classic: An Interview with the Team Reintroducing Belladonna of Sadness

This 1973 film from Osamu Tezuka’s production studio was a commercial failure and remained unseen by wider audiences for years after its initial release. Continue reading


Tear Everything to Pieces: A Conversation with Liz Suburbia

An interview with the author of the debut graphic novel from Fantagraphics, Sacred Heart, which blends the Bible, punk rock, the magical realism of the Hernandez brothers, and trashy teen girl revenge flicks into a subtle story that explores alienation, gender, consent, sexuality, and trauma. Continue reading


A Lost Daniel Clowes Interview

In this 20-year-old, never-before-published interview, Daniel Clowes discusses working with the Ramones and his stint as “Stosh Gillepsie.” Continue reading


The Belgians Who Changed Comics

“The Golden Age of Belgian Comics” features a rare collection, on show in France for the first time ever. Their pages detail a comics revolution, the era when – led by Tintin – the ninth art forever changed leisure on the continent. Continue reading


“One More Lens Through Which to Process the World”: A Horror-Filled Conversation with Josh Simmons

The Black River and Jessica Farm artist talks about horror, degrading day jobs, and the circus. Continue reading


Leslie Stein on Diary of a Teenage Girl

The Eye of the Majestic Creature artist goes to the movie adaptation of Phoebe Gloeckner’s great book. Continue reading