Marc Bell in Conversation with Joe Hale

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Report from Minneapolis: Autoptic

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Frightened Control Freaks: An Interview with Daniel Clowes

The cartoonist and screenwriter talks about the nightmare of putting together The Complete Eightball, cultural alienation, control-freak artists, and Woody Harrelson’s casting in the film adaptation of Wilson. Continue reading


The Sophie Goldstein Interview

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Flag This For Later

A plagiarized and altered cartoon leads to a new discovery in comics formalism. Continue reading


Leonard Starr: 1925-2015

Starr created the best-drawn and the best-written adventurous soap-opera strip (Mary Perkins, On Stage), continued another legendary strip (Annie), and developed a popular animation television franchise (ThunderCats). Continue reading


Mark and Marc Talk Stroppy

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On Leonard Starr

A veteran comic book artist and writer on the recently passed cartoonist. Continue reading