The TCJ 2015 Year-in-Review Spectacufuck: Part I

A year in comics now behind us. Who were we? What did we learn? And what could we forgive? Let’s find out together, month by month, day by day. For entertainment purposes only. Continue reading


Discussing Sports and Comics with Sloane Leong

The From Under Mountains and Maps to the Suns creator talks about her new project, the importance of dynamic accuracy, and good sports comics—or the lack thereof. Continue reading


Madame Audacity: The Art of Claire Bretécher

Claire Brétecher at the Centre Georges Pompidou arrives just in time. Continue reading


Texas, In My Rearview Mirror

Jack Jackson, aka “Jaxon, was a first-generation underground cartoonist. (In fact, with “God Nose,” which he self-published in 1964, he may have been the first UG cartoonist.) He was a fifth-generation Texan, born May 15, 1941, in Pandora (est. pop. … Continue reading


Rockin’ in the New Year with The Rocket’s Xmas Covers

Happy Holidays to everyone, whatever it is you celebrate–or not celebrate–this time of the year.  In the spirit of the New Year, and in an effort to further explore some historical connections between comics and other forms of popular culture, … Continue reading


An Interview with Samandal

Speaking with the editors of the Lebanese comics anthology Samandal, three of whom were recently found guilty of inciting sectarian strife, denigrating religion, publishing false news, and defamation and slander. Continue reading


Will Eisner’s Star Jaws

1978 was a big year for Will Eisner. He invented… that thing where you take a massive pop culture hit, and lazily sort of mash it up with another massive pop culture hit. (He didn’t really invent that. Or the graphic novel.) Continue reading


The Life and Death of Shigeru Mizuki, 1922-2015

His English translator remembers the great and influential cartoonist. Continue reading