Paper Girls

No one is writing about how four adult men came to create a successful comic book about four young girls. Continue reading


Brecht Evens: Pantherman

Brecht Evens, Flemish author/artist of the gorgeously stylish The Wrong Place and The Making Of, is back with Panther. Continue reading


The Carlos Giménez Interview

Carlos Giménez has long been considered one of the great cartoonists of Spain, and he’s just released the first English translation of Paracuellos: Children of the Defeated in Franco’s Fascist Spain. Continue reading


Darwyn Cooke, 1962-2016

An obituary and tribute. Continue reading


The Darwyn Cooke Interview

In this 2007 interview, Cooke talks about growing up in Canada, his career in animation and comics, and whether or not he can actually take anyone in a fight. Continue reading


A World Without Siné

Remembering the provocative French cartoonist. Siné: December 31, 1928 – May 5, 2016. Continue reading


The Horror! The Horror!: Graham Ingels and the Art of Real Yuch

Who Graham Ingels was (and wasn’t) before, after and during EC Comics. Continue reading


“My Own Dyke-centric Flavor”: A Conversation with Jennifer Camper

The cartoonist, curator, and organizer discusses her early work in LGBT comics, tussles with publishers and readers over controversial content, and the founding of the Queers & Comics Conference. Continue reading