A Conversation with Zack Davisson

On Kitaro and Shigeru Mizuki’s legacy. Continue reading


Richard Thompson, 1957-2016

Thompson, illustrator and creator of the syndicated comic strip Cul de Sac, passed away on July 27, 2016 due to complications from Parkinson’s disease. He was 58 years old. Continue reading


Dancing on the Manhole Cover: The Genius of Richard Thompson

Mourning the loss of Richard Thompson. Continue reading


Tributes to Richard Thompson

Memories from Warren Bernard, Craig Fischer, Charles Hatfield, and others. Continue reading


Jack Burton Davis Jr., 1924-2016

“I always wanted to be a cartoonist.”

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Tributes to Jack Davis

The great Jack Davis in words and images by Drew Friedman, Gary Panter, Peter Bagge, Joe Kubert, Ruben Bolling, Michael Bartalos, and Jim Woodring. Continue reading


The Michael Zulli Interview

The artist of Puma Blues discusses his work in comics. Continue reading


“I Never Thought of Myself as a Cartoonist”: A Glen Baxter Interview

Baxter has been creating strange, perplexing, delightful pieces that blur (and possibly erase) the lines between art and comics since the 1970s. Continue reading