Mr. Earbrass Returns

New work from Edward Gorey? Yes please. With the recent publication of The Angel, The Automobilist, and Eighteen Others, Mark Dery is here to raise the question of who this genius belongs to, one more time. Continue reading

The cover page of Amazing Fantasy #15, a detail of the pasted-over original title.

A Holy Grail in the Library of Congress: Visiting Steve Ditko’s Amazing Fantasy #15 Original Artwork

Robert K. Elder takes a look at the look he took at Ditko’s original pages from Amazing Fantasy #15, which now sits in the Library Of Congress. Continue reading


Art In Quarantine: Brecht Evens

This week, we’re checking in with Brecht Evens and the publisher of his upcoming edition of Peter Pan, Josh O’Neill, about how they’re dealing with the impact of pandemic-induced quarantine. Continue reading


Would You Like To Know More? – This Week’s Links

It’s time to clock in and start clicking: your weekly round up of all things comics news & reviews is here. Clark Burscough: release your hounds. Continue reading


Mort Drucker: 1929-2020

A long look back at the life of the legendary cartoonist, whose endlessly recognizable work will outlast us all. Continue reading


Samuel R. Joyner: 1924-2020

Timothy Jackson, the author of Pioneering Cartoonists of Color, takes a look at the life of cartoonist Samuel Joyner, who passed away in late March. Continue reading


COVID-19 & Comics – April 13th 2020

How is COVID-19 and attempts to contain it impacting comics makers, publishers and retailers? Our weekly update on that question is here. Continue reading


Carnival Knowledge: On Mort Drucker

Craig Fischer takes a look at Mort Drucker’s legacy through the lens of one of his infamous movie spoofs. You’ll never look at Donald Sutherland the same again! Continue reading