An Interview with David Wiesner

The award-winning children’s book illustrator on publishing his first graphic novel. Continue reading


A Talk with Gabrielle Bell

Annie Mok interviews Gabrielle Bell about diaries, metacognition, and more. Continue reading


Talking to Pénélope Bagieu

The French cartoonist talks Mama Cass, her new graphic novel, and the Smurfette Syndrome. Continue reading


Curating the Metrograph Bookstore

On the occasion of this film My Entire High School Sinking into the Sea opening at the Metrograph in New York, Dash Shaw curated a selection of DVDs and publications for the theater’s store. Here he explains what and why. Continue reading


“I’m an Outsider Person”: The Carel Moiseiwitsch Interview

Moiseiwitsch drew dangerous comics. Prominently featuring murderous cops, third-world refugees, and war crimes hopscotching their way to our front door, her works were dangerous because they gave us the raw truth, seemingly drawn in dense black sauce. Continue reading


The Vanessa Davis Interview

On the occasion of being awarded the Paris Review’s Terry Southern Prize for humor writing, Vanessa Davis spoke with Naomi Fry about autobiography, drawing, and management. Continue reading


An Interview with Joe Ollmann

The author of The Abominable Mr. Seabrook talks cannibalism, tree farms, and Canada. Continue reading


An Interview with Yvan Guillo/Samplerman

A quiet revolution in comics—as relates to its connection with fine art and design—is staged on the tumblr of Yvan Guillo, under the pen name of Samplerman. Using castaway imagery from comics—much of it found at free websites like the … Continue reading