“After I Failed to Die”: An Interview with Katherine Collins (Part Two)

In this installment, the Neil the Horse creator explains the treatment she received from the comics community after her transition, her struggles with illness, and her post-comics career. Continue reading


“Whatever Came to Mind”: An Interview with Katherine Collins (Part One)

In the first installment of a two-part interview, the Neil the Horse creator talks about Neil, the mistaken notion that she’s nostalgic, her early career in radio, and being part of a matrilineal line of Canadian cartoonists. Continue reading


“Comics to Me Are a Musical Medium”: An Interview with Ulli Lust

In 2013 I had the pleasure of interviewing Ulli Lust on the train back to New York City after that year’s Small Press Expo. She had just won the Ignatz Award for Best Graphic Novel for Today is the Last … Continue reading


“It’s Not Some Form of Primal Scream Therapy”: An Interview with Tom Gauld

The Baking with Kafka cartoonist talks about the challenges and rewards of doing a weekly cartoon strip, why he doesn’t solicit feedback, and the person he’d most like to cast as James Bond.
Continue reading


“To Me, It All Makes Sense!”: A Ron Rege Jr. Interview

The artist discusses his recent mystical books, What Parsifal Saw and The Cartoon Utopia, as well as his early career and future projects. Continue reading


Leslie Stein Talks to Her Mother

The cartoonist behind Eye of the Majestic Creature and Present is interviewed by the woman who raised her. Continue reading


Professor Marston and the Wonder Women

Professor Marston and the Wonder Women is a captivating film, but also claims to be “the true story of the women behind the man behind the Woman,” and this is where matters get complicated. Continue reading


An Interview with Kevin Pyle

The cartoonist, whose latest book is Migrant, talks to Alex Dueben about comics as a vehicle for social consciousness. Continue reading