The Inkwell: “Dan O’Connor’s Bar, Grill, and School of Higher Journalism and Car-toonacy”

A look back at The Inkwell, a now-forgotten postwar New York establishment that once catered to the cartooning elite, including Caniff, Soglow, Gross, Bushmiller, and many more. Continue reading


Excerpt: Ghost Queen

An exclusive excerpt from Britt Wilson’s new Elsewhere graphic novel, Ghost Queen, courtesy of Koyama Press! Continue reading


Jason Lutes’ Berlin #1

This review by Christopher Brayshaw was originally published in The Comics Journal #187 (May 1996). Continue reading


“It’s an Ideal Moment”: An Interview with Frederick Aldama

Frederick Aldama is an Arts and Humanities Distinguished Professor at Ohio State University where he is the founder and director of LASER, the Latino and Latin American Space for Enrichment Research, and the founder and co-director of Humanities and Cognitive … Continue reading


The Art and Anatomy of DC Comics’ Metahumans with Ming Doyle

Ardo Omer spoke with Ming Doyle about one of DC’s more inventive licensed projects: a collection of Batman’s anatomy drawings of fellow DC characters, published by Insight Editions Continue reading


Excerpt: The Vagabond Valise

An exclusive Conundrum Press excerpt from The Vagabond Valise, the first graphic novel from a founding father of the Quebec comix underground. Continue reading


“Lit By an Invisible Source”: Briefly, with Jim Woodring

A few words with a most distinctive artist – on the creative process, his newest works, getting by in the world, and the future of Frank. Continue reading


“How Do We Cope with Something Like That?”: SPX and the CBLDF Confront Defamation Lawsuit Aimed at The 11

The Small Press Expo and the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund speak about the $20,000 fund recently set up to assist the 11 defendants facing a $2.5 million dollar defamation lawsuit. Continue reading