Getting Weirdo at the Society of Illustrators

Kim Deitch, Drew Friedman, Glenn Head, John Holmstrom, Mark Newgarden, and Art Spiegelman had a wide-ranging conversation about the 1980s anthology era. Continue reading


“No One Was Calling, No One Was Asking for Humor”: An Interview with Michael Kupperman

One of our greatest cartoonists talks about his career, his struggles with publishers, and how he plans to navigate the future. Continue reading


Lambda Literary and the Ongoing Recognition of Comics

Once again, a few Lambda Literary Awards went home with cartoonists. Alex Dueben spoke with the organization’s Deputy Director, William Johnson, about the relationship that the “Lammy’s” have with comics Continue reading


“‘What Should One Do?’ Is the Pertinent Question Now”: An Interview with Aarthi Parthasarathy

Parthasarathy is the Bangalore-based artist behind the webcomicRoyal Existentials, as well as a filmmaker,and writer. Continue reading


The Astonishing Visual Narration of The Cisco Kid – Beyond the Boundaries of Story

Zoran Djukanovic’s extensive look at The Cisco Kid, the defining work of José Luis Salinas career, and considers the question of why Salinas work is discussed so infrequently today. Continue reading


“We Need to Talk about Illness in a Way That’s Not Paternalistic”: Sloane Leong Talks to Josune Urrutia

Sloane Leong has been speaking with the her fellow artists-in-residence at the Maison des Auteurs in Angouleme, France. This week, she spoke with Josune Arrutia about cancer, Susan Sontag, and the growing interest in what’s being called “graphic medicine.” Continue reading


“Once the Ink Was Done, That Was It, Tough Luck”: An Interview with Kat Verhoeven

Begun in 2012, Kat Verhoeven’s Meat and Bone has found its way to print this year. Alex Dueben spoke with Kat about the experience of bringing her webcomic to print, and what’s changed about her work over the last eight years. Continue reading


A Clyde Fans Roundtable

Seven comics scholars and Seth experts discuss the long-awaited, twenty-years-in-the-making complete collection of Seth’s Clyde Fans. Continue reading