Ken Bald: 1920-2019

A cartoonist whose career spanned from More Fun in 1936 to Marvel in 2016, perhaps best known for his work on the Dr. Kildare, Dark Shadows, and Judd Saxon newspaper strips. Continue reading


Talking Doll: An Interview with Guy Colwell

In this interview, Guy Colwell talks to Katie Skelly about desire, its inherent violence and the exploration of this within his and other comics. Continue reading


Are We Long-Form Yet?: A Chat with Bill Griffith

The longtime Zippy the Pinhead cartoonist talks about his latest book, the transition from strips to longform comics, why he chose to depict the innocent Schlitzie rather than the fraudulent Zip, and the insidious appeal of cuteness. Continue reading


Hollow Press Comes West: A Conversation with Michele Nitri

Floating World’s Jason Levian and Hollow Press’ Michele Nitri talk about their distribution partnership and their shared passion for Mat Brinkman. Continue reading


Two Classic Mat Brinkman Collections Return to the U.S.

After years of difficulty, Mat Brinkman’s influential comics return to the US via a partnership between Italian publisher Hollow Press and US retailer/publisher Floating World Comics. Eric Vilas-Boas has the details Continue reading


T.K. Ryan Dies

Tumbleweeds Mourns Continue reading


“He Was an Odd Individual Who Really Pushed the Boundaries”: An Interview with Bill Schelly about James Warren

The comics scholar talks at length about his career and his new book on publisher James Warren. Continue reading


“I Wish I Could Do It All”: Jaime Hernandez Speaks to Katie Skelly

The GOAT sits down with Skelly, and she easily sidestepst the ten questions people always waste his time with. Continue reading