“ALL Of Making Comics Is Pleasurable To Me”: An Interview with Trevor Von Eeden

From shaking hands with the King to sharing studio space with Neal Adams, Trevor Von Eeden’s career has been laced with history–and he and Josh Bayer mined it all for the latest run of All Time Comics. In this 2019 interview, the two of them dive right into Eeden’s hard-earned philosophy on the form. Continue reading


Comics Outsider: An Interview with Przemysław Truściński

Przemysław “Trust” Trusciński, one of Poland’s most acclaimed artists–known primarily in the US for his work on The Witcher video game franchise–discusses his most recent work with Michał Chudoliński, his history with comics, and the current state of affairs of the Polish comics scene. Continue reading


A Brief History of Ernie Bushmiller’s Dirtiest Comic Strip

Although intended only as a cheap laugh for his Dutch Treat Club cronies, “How To Housebreak Your Dog” assumed an illustrious afterlife. Continue reading


“It Is Kind of Fun to Torture People Through Comics”: The Penny Van Horn Interview

In this interview, Weirdo cartoonist Penny Van Horn talks about color, motherhood, animation, and scratchboard technique. Continue reading


On Don Ault

Remembering the pioneering comics scholar. Without him there might never have been such a thing as comics studies at all. Continue reading


Crepax: Misperceived Master of the Comics Form

The heavy focus on the erotic aspects of Crepax’s work has made knowledge of him in English-speaking countries too limited. Continue reading


Excerpt: Rust Belt

Check out a twenty-page excerpt from Sean Knickerbocker’s Rust Belt, released this week from Secret Acres. Continue reading


Getting Weirdo at the Society of Illustrators

Kim Deitch, Drew Friedman, Glenn Head, John Holmstrom, Mark Newgarden, and Art Spiegelman had a wide-ranging conversation about the 1980s anthology era. Continue reading