You Build Walls, We’re Gonna Probably Dig Holes (This Week’s Links)

Comics news and happenings from Ryan Flanders. Just imagine he has one of those hats, and that he’s about to sing. Continue reading


Paul Krassner, Dead at 87: An Appreciation

Ethan Persoff reflects on Paul Krassner’s work with Wally Wood, Kalynn Campbell and Richard Guindon. Continue reading


“I’m Crazy. This Is Why It’s Really Hard To Find A Publisher”: Sloane Leong Talks To Giorgia Casetti

Cartoonist and critic Leong is speaking with the her fellow artists-in-residence at the Maison de Auteurs in Angouleme, France. This week, she talks to Giorgia Casetti about the cartooning “code”, making work for children, and lining things up for publishers. Continue reading


“In Love with A Sea of Love”: A Conversation With Wilfrid Lupano

Brenda Dales has a lot of questions for Wilfrid Lupano about A Sea of Love, the wordless graphic novel that he and Grégory Panaccione delivered to the world last year. He ain’t gonna answer all of ’em! Continue reading


Live Scribing with Elizabeth Beier: Long Form Comics

Elizabeth Beier recaps the “Long Form Comics” panel at the Queers & Comics Conference, featuring Robert Kirby, Nicole Georges, Steve MacIsaac, Lee Marrs, Hazel Newlevant, and Eric Orner. Continue reading


An Unusual Gang of Idiots: The Joy of Working at MAD Magazine Past Its Heyday

Ryan Flanders looks back at what it meant and what he learned during the 17 years he spent at the house that Alfred E Neuman built. Continue reading


Live Scribing with Elizabeth Beier: Nicole Georges and Mariko Tamaki

In today’s installment of Elizabeth Beier’s recap of the Queers & Comics Conference, she takes us through Nicole Georges and Mariko Tamaki’s conversation on comics, stories, and motivation! Continue reading


No Choice But Comics: Kramers at X

Matt Seneca peeled back the cover of Kramers Ergot 10 and found enough comics nitroglycerin inside that he felt the need to pull in editor Sammy Harkham for some background on the thinking behind its assembly. Continue reading