Horror Press Publisher and Managing Editor Resign After Allegations of Bad Practices

This past weekend has seen a steady stream of allegations against Canadian graphic novel and horror publisher Chizine, resulting in the publisher and managing editor’s resignation. Alec Berry has the story. Continue reading


The Most Healthy Behavior Is to Stay in the Clear (This Week’s Links)

Allow Flanders to cut through the chaff, to slice the wheat, to provide you the gluten that will cause your comics story to rise: it’s time for all the news, reviews and interviews you’ll need to make it through another week! Continue reading


Dylan Edwards: Day Five

When do you get your complimentary drink? Don’t just guess–there’s a right answer! Dylan Edwards, Diary style! Continue reading


“One Thing Leads to Another”: An Interview with Kevin Huizenga

“I don’t think about it in that way. At this point, that’s the way that I draw and the way that I write. It’s not a choice. It’s just the way I do it.” Continue reading


Dylan Edwards: Day Four

Are you ready to get spit on? Because if you’re not, you might be in the wrong room. Dylan has the deets! Continue reading


Dylan Edwards: Day Three

Another day, another Cartoonist’s Diary entry, another opportunity to potentially frustrate the locals with tourist-style mishaps! Continue reading


Hamburg’s Comicfestival 2019

Couldn’t make it to Germany for the boundary incinerating installment of Comicfestival? Never fear. Boots were on the ground, worn by Heike & Oliver, and they’re here to catch you up on everything you missed. And it’s a lot! Continue reading


Dylan Edwards: Day Two

Choreographed heavy metal crowd work: there’s more to translation than merely the spoken word. Dylan Edwards is ready to play catch-up, in today’s Cartoonist’s Diary! Continue reading