“I Would Never Draw Except To Tell A Story.”: An Interview with Nick Maandag

The king of deadpan sat down with his number one fan to talk about his latest collection of comics, The Follies of Richard Wadsworth. Continue reading


“I Want To See What Else We Can Get Away With”: An Interview with Avi Ehrlich

Avi Ehrlich talks about the history of Bay Area store, record label, art crew and comics publisher Silver Sprocket, and how philosophy can be more than just talk, but an actual practical business model. Continue reading


A Landscape Study Of Paco Roca’s House

Paul Karasik takes a long(ways) look at Paco Roca’s graphic novel The HouseI, which takes a somewhat traditional story and turns it on its head. Like, it actually turns it. You’ll see! Continue reading


Nine Hundred and Ninety-Nine Thou Short of a Mill (This Week’s Links)

Ryan’s got a contest for you–close readers will not only find themselves champions, but will come away informed….about all the comics news! Continue reading


COCORICO! Charlie Hebdo’s Coco Tackles Plato

The Charlie Hebdo cartoonist tried her hand at a graphic novel adaptation of Plato, the end result runs at Paris’ Galerie Art-Maniak through 14 March. Cynthia Rose is here to catch up those of us with travel restrictions. Continue reading


Russ Cochran: 1937-2020

The well known publisher and comics collector has passed away. Steve Ringgenberg takes a look at his history making sure the world always had access to some of the most influential American comics. Continue reading


I Fell Down a Steve Canyon Rabbit Hole

Buying a complete set of Steve Canyon strips by Milton Caniff leads to a seven-year journey of comics obsession. There’s no place better. Continue reading


Caught You Looking for the Same Thing (This Week’s Links)

The latest updates in comics news, comics blues, and comics moves: need to know what’s going on with Hollywood Chuck? Ryan has you covered! Continue reading