IMG_1146 A Cartoonist’s Diary

Mark Siegel: Part One

Heading down the Hudson. Continue reading

crossed Comics of the Weak

The Week In Which I Read And Liked A Lot Of Terrible Comics Instead Of Building Stories, Which Is Just Sitting Right Here Being Gloomy

Grant Morrison three ways, Garth Ennis two, Mark Millar one. Continue reading

BuckyCover This Week in Comics

THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (9/26/12 – The Dirty Picture)

The tingling prospect of anthropomorphic critters returning to the Fantagraphics stable inspires yet another dumpster dive into the heyday! Continue reading

cry it out Comics of the Weak

If It’s Any Consolation, My Mother Still Refers to Me as “An Abortion that Failed”

Punchline problems. Continue reading

SPXBadge This Week in Comics

THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (9/19/12 – Photojournalism at Its Best)

Hauled in for a post; the parade’s gone by. Continue reading

IMG_8186 A Cartoonist’s Diary

John Porcellino: Day Five

Commencement! Continue reading

IMG_8066 A Cartoonist’s Diary

John Porcellino: Day Four

On the prairie, searching for reptiles, then back to school. Continue reading

Blondie00021 Hare Tonic

Chic’s Blondie

The life and times of Blondie, Dagwood and the family. Continue reading