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THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (11/20/13 – The Route to Your Roots)

Oh my god, Ryan Holmberg did a column yesterday? IT’S COATTAIL-RIDING TIME, SNOW DAY, WOOOOOO!!!!! Continue reading

Rita Circulating Library, Marine Lines, Mumbai. What Was Alternative Manga?

Poor Little Rich Boys: The Art of the Mumbai Circulating Library

Upon publishing the interview with Leaping Windows Comics Café, I was informed by an elder Indian that rental bookstores – locally called “circulating libraries” – are not uncommon in Mumbai. There used to be more, I was told, but there … Continue reading

DSCN1265 Riff Raff

Catholic Block

CAB 2013 report Continue reading

a Funnybook Roulette

Mouly Mouthpiece

A look at Jeet Heer’s new book, In Love With Art. Continue reading

penn High-Low

MCAD and the Minneapolis Scene

Rob Clough takes a close look at the local comics scene in Minneapolis, and particularly the work of current and former students from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD). Continue reading

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THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (11/13/13 – Two from CAB)

A comics show last weekend? That means *new reviews*, citizens of Internet City! Continue reading

feralboygilgamesh No One Knows You're A Dog

Webcomics Capsule Reviews #3

You send ’em in, Shaenon Garrity reviews ’em. Continue reading

Bob-Ross-Remix Riff Raff

Where Do We Begin?

Beat on the brat. Continue reading