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South American Spotlight: Berliac

A look at a great work by the Argentine author Continue reading

Matsumoto Masahiko, Space Express (Central bunko, 1958), revised version of pre-debut work When Worlds Collide. What Was Alternative Manga?

Proto-Gekiga: Matsumoto Masahiko’s Komaga

One could say that Matsumoto Masahiko was the true innovator of gekiga and today’s manga. Sakurai Shōichi (cartoonist, publisher, brother of Tatsumi Yoshihiro), 1971-72 As an aside, let me point out that, around the time that the term ‘gekiga’ was … Continue reading

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THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (10/22/14 – A European Afternoon)

I’ve found them! Yep, mostly foreigners. Continue reading

weirdsisters Symbol Reader

Weird Sisters

Demonic forces abet and appall in this Halloween analysis of comics by Andrew Pannell, Cathy G. Johnson, and GG. Continue reading

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THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (10/15/14 – Jackpot!)

DING DING DING DING! You’ve won another Sergio Toppi comic in English! I mean, you still have to buy it, but… Continue reading

viborg Riff Raff

Danish Tour Diary

They don’t call danishes danishes in Denmark. Continue reading

PumaSample0001_zps9b01d930 This Week in Comics

THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (10/8/14 – The Cat Returns)

The Puma Blues, and everything old becoming new again. Continue reading

a Know Your New Yorker Cartoonists

Neckless: The Short, Sharp World of Zachary Kanin

A profile of the cartoonist and SNL writer Zachary Kanin, in an excerpt from I Only Read It for the Cartoons: The New Yorker’s Most Brilliantly Twisted Artists by TCJ’s own Know Your New Yorker Cartoonists columnist, Richard Gehr. Continue reading