flames-background_3 Riff Raff

Can You Get to That?

War zone of the Mind. Continue reading

Napoleon1a Hare Tonic

When a Dog Was Art: Clifford McBride and the Immortal Napoleon

Back in those dear, dead days of yesteryear, cartoonists drew comic strips; they didn’t rule them with a straight-edge. And one of the best examples of the truth of this freshly brewed axiom is Clifford McBride’s dog strip, Napoleon. Continue reading

AxSample0001_zps324e9ad8 This Week in Comics

THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (12/10/14 – Somebody Had to Say It)

Wow, comics time again. Just a few this week, but good ones! Big ones! Continue reading

TCJHanselmann5a A Cartoonist’s Diary

Simon Hanselmann: Day 5

Black Friday. Continue reading

garrity No One Knows You're A Dog

Webcomics Fix Your Life

There is a small but increasing number of webcomics dedicated to self-improvement. Because who knows how to live better than a webcartoonist? Continue reading

TCJHanselmann4a A Cartoonist’s Diary

Simon Hanselmann: Day 4

Turkey time. Continue reading

cleveland_map Riff Raff

Genghis Con 2014

Come on down to Cleveland town Continue reading

TCJHanselmann3a A Cartoonist’s Diary

Simon Hanselmann: Day 3

Routines and beverages. Continue reading