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THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (2/4/15 – Wait, is the festival over?)

I’m– I’m almost there… wait… wait for me… Continue reading

Lines at security checkpoints at the Cité de la Bande Dessinée Common Currency

Angoulême Flashpoint?

It’s now Saturday and people are here in force. Continue reading

From the press conference on the Chinese partnership. Festival director Franck Bondoux fifth from left, the mayor of Guandong to his immediate right. Common Currency

Angoulême est Charlie; Chinese Partnership; Otomo Grand Prix

A report from the first day of the Angoulême festival. Continue reading

Trafalgar Square, London, January 12: the day after the big demonstration against the murders in Paris. The graffito on the National Gallery facade reads "Freedom for ARTISTS" Common Currency


Our European correspondent on Charlie Hebdo and the attacks upon it, with attention paid to freedom of speech, iconoclasm, offensive cartoons, Islamophobia, and anti-Semitism. Continue reading


2014: Comics, New and Old (Part II)

More reflections on “the state of the art.” Along the way we talk Lichtenstein, meta-characters, the ideal format, page orientation, Spidey vs. Spiderman, “philosophical nihilism,” cat sneakers, and the like. Continue reading

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THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (1/28/15 – White Blind)

Don’t get trapped! Free your mind! My god, think of the money you can spend! Continue reading

2014FE Grid

2014: Comics, New and Old (Part I)

Reflections on the “state of the art.” Along the way there’s talk of editorial malfeasance, lyrical ambiguity, feminism, fannish-ness, Kirby, Byron, motorcycle comics, etc. . . . Continue reading

toutestpardonne2 Common Currency

The Tears of the Prophet

A critical look at the heavily anticipated, seven-million-print-run issue of Charlie Hebdo published in the wake of the Paris attacks Continue reading