gutfeelingscover Say Hello

Leah Wishnia!

Leah Wishnia is a reminder that being a lynchpin requires labor. As the founder, editor, and publisher of Happiness, the 26-year-old has harvested a biannual bumper crop of idiosyncratic young alternative cartoonists. Continue reading

friendlybeasts Symbol Reader

The Friendly Beasts

Winged creatures of all sorts—owls, bees, dragons—take flight in the comics of Ben Duncan, Lala Albert, and Ward Zwart. Continue reading

Art Spiegelman WORDLESS Comics Journal Framed!

Art as Transformation: WORDLESS!

If you’ve followed Art Spiegelman at all in the last 20 years, you’ve seen his lectures, filled with insight, wit, and lots of visuals projected onto screens. This has all been pretty swell — but predictable — stuff. But when have we ever seen Spiegelman take the stage to talk about comics with a giant movie screen and a six-piece jazz combo? Continue reading

2f47f79f-46e9-425c-aed3-af0d7e5a3427_zps66519a55 This Week in Comics

THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (12/17/14 – Quality in Games Journalism)

Yeah! Screw comics! Goddamn nerds – in 2015, it’s all gaming, all the time! Continue reading

flames-background_3 Riff Raff

Can You Get to That?

War zone of the Mind. Continue reading

Napoleon1a Hare Tonic

When a Dog Was Art: Clifford McBride and the Immortal Napoleon

Back in those dear, dead days of yesteryear, cartoonists drew comic strips; they didn’t rule them with a straight-edge. And one of the best examples of the truth of this freshly brewed axiom is Clifford McBride’s dog strip, Napoleon. Continue reading

AxSample0001_zps324e9ad8 This Week in Comics

THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (12/10/14 – Somebody Had to Say It)

Wow, comics time again. Just a few this week, but good ones! Big ones! Continue reading

TCJHanselmann5a A Cartoonist’s Diary

Simon Hanselmann: Day 5

Black Friday. Continue reading