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Comics From Oceania: Pikitia Press

Matt Emery’s Pikitia Press is located in Melbourne, but Emery is a New Zealand native and unsurprisingly publishes the work of a number of Kiwis as well as Aussies. The scene has long been small but feisty but it has grown dramatically in the past five to ten years. Continue reading

Entre Viñetas -Festival Riff Raff

Colombian Tour Diary – Entreviñetas Festival

South American Comics! Continue reading

SuffSample0001_zps7d0c947d This Week in Comics

THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (10/1/14 – Necessary Treatment)

WOW, that’s a lot of comics! Why read anything else?! Continue reading

e A Cartoonist’s Diary

Kayla E.: Day 5

Paradise. Continue reading

d A Cartoonist’s Diary

Kayla E.: Day 4

Stalking and looking. Continue reading

a Hare Tonic

Edward Gorey and the Eccentric Macabre

He could make us shiver as we grinned and vice versa (mostly vice) Continue reading

c A Cartoonist’s Diary

Kayla E.: Day 3

Bad vibes! Continue reading

b A Cartoonist’s Diary

Kayla E.: Day 2

Neighbors! Continue reading