Riff Raff

Layout Workbook 9

This week we’re going to look at Hal Foster’s Prince Valiant. Continue reading

No One Knows You're A Dog

Diving In

I remember The Comics Journal’s first webcomics column because I got reamed in it. Continue reading


Top 25 Minis of 2010

Rob Clough picks his favorite minicomics of the year. Continue reading

This Week in Comics

THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (5/4/11 – Free Column Day)

A tin-can jubilee. Continue reading

Riff Raff

Layout Workbook 8

This week we’re going to look at the proportions of the Mome comics anthology. Continue reading

The Doctor Is In

Hillary Chute and the Dynamics of Autobiography

Hillary Chute’s Graphic Women examines autobiographical comics through a literary lens; and yet how to reckon with the mysterious “Judith Forest”‘s performative “autobiographies?” Continue reading

TCJ Talkies

Evan Dorkin

The first episode of a new biweekly podcast. The special guest: Milk & Cheese creator Evan Dorkin. Continue reading

Know Your New Yorker Cartoonists

Gahan Wilson and the Comedy of the Weird

For decades, Wilson has been aiming his shrinking ray at monsters and aliens and evil humans of all sorts, and distilled their most terrifying qualities into cartoons. Continue reading