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Sam Alden and Sophia Foster-Dimino on Two Comics by GG

In this episode, the creator of It Never Happened Again and the creator of Sex Fantasy discuss the work of the cartoonist known only as GG. Continue reading

Hayashi Seiichi and Sasaki Maki, photographs from A Vogue for I Don't Get It, Weekly Asahi (August 22, 1969). What Was Alternative Manga?

A Vogue for I Don’t Get It: Hayashi Seiichi vs. Sasaki Maki, 1967-69

In the late 1960s “Hayashi and Sasaki” became a set conjunction, and remained so in much retrospective writing. Amongst the standby names used to group their work were “avant-garde manga” (zen’ei manga), “difficult-to-understand manga” (nankai manga), and “anti-manga” (anchi manga). Continue reading

c4db3fb9-39f0-460e-a4cb-eb3246196bed_zpsxs2ensca This Week in Comics

THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (12/16/15 – Reading is my REAL home.)

Very short, like my time in this place. Continue reading

DylanHorrocks-selfportrait Comic Book Decalogue

Episode 6: Dylan Horrocks (HOLIDAY SPECIAL)

In this double-sized holiday edition, Dylan Horrocks discusses the magic of Tove Jansson, the problems of late-period Eisner, and the troubled legacy of Dave Sim. All that, and a special guest drops by! Continue reading

IMG_0418 Riff Raff

Sky in Stereo

Modern Romance by Mardou Continue reading

4d99d615-3ea4-4d7e-b48b-339145217961_zpsenvvoslu This Week in Comics

THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (12/9/15 – Educated Guesses)

Believe it or not, you may be hearing more from this week. Continue reading

IMG_3755 Riff Raff

The Comics Workbook Rowhouse Residency

Lets get ready to rumble !!! Continue reading

MizukiWords0001_zps1l5wxtvs This Week in Comics

THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (12/2/15 – Out of Doors)

From one home to another. Continue reading