This Week in Comics

THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (7/18/12 – New Frontiers in Police Harassment)

Judge Dredd delivers an ex parte opinion on North American comics, though the real par-tay remains at your local retailer! I want to be saved from my own life. Continue reading

What Was Alternative Manga?

Tezuka Osamu and American Comics

Tezuka was a comic book artist, first and foremost, his dreams and later successes with animation notwithstanding. And as a comic book artist it would only make sense if comic books were his strongest influence, which indeed they were. Continue reading

Riff Raff

New Talent Showcase 9

Angie Wang, Aaron Cockle, Jessica Campbell, Max de Radigués, Andy Burkholder Continue reading

Comics of the Weak

I Read Somewhere That These Things Are Worth Money

Tucker is mellowing? Plus Comic-Con. Continue reading


Construction Manual * John Hankiewicz’s “The Kimball House”

A close reading of an unusual comic by the innovative cartoonist John Hankiewicz. Bonus: the full comic is included! Continue reading

Monsters Eat Critics

Echoes of ’82

A series of filmed arguments for Jack Kirby’s legacy. Continue reading

This Week in Comics

THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (7/11/12 – Halloween in July)

A scary incident from Alan Moore’s past, among other chillers for your summertime bag. Continue reading

Riff Raff

Ed Piskor Report

What You See Is What You Get Continue reading