A Cartoonist’s DiaryA Cartoonist’s Diary

Katie Skelly: Day Two

In today’s installment, Katie has what the scientists like to call “a good day”. Spiritual, emotional, physical and professional goals are all met! Continue reading


Katie Skelly: Day One

There’s no better way to start off a week than to get an email from a celebrity. No better way! Continue reading


A Trumped Up Tour

R. Sikoryak hit the road to promote his book. Is the road going to hit back? Continue reading


Tom McHenry: Day Five

Getting it together for the office party, facing the Wallace Shawn challenge: it’s been one hell of a week. Continue reading


Tom McHenry: Day Four

Taking on the frustration of others, doing the bare minimum when dinner rolls around. What’s that? “The Libyans betrayed our cause!” Continue reading


Tom McHenry: Day Three

Bikes, giving cats medicine, and drinking in those late night conversations about the functions of emotion: welcome to the TenderDome. Continue reading


Tom McHenry: Day Two

Reading books, watching movies, wishing things could be just a little bit different. Continue reading


Tom McHenry: Day One

A morning routine, drawing rituals, and the work day itself. It’s all coming up McHenry. Continue reading