A Cartoonist’s DiaryA Cartoonist’s Diary

Sarah Horrocks: Day Two

The best part of drawing comics is the part where you have to…pack a bunch of envelopes? Ya heard, it’s true, Day 2: Sarah tells it like it is, in today’s television criticism heavy installment. Continue reading


Sarah Horrocks: Day One

Music criticism, donut questions and the Temple of the Golden Pavilion: it’s a heady stew that goes into Sarah’s melting pot, here at Day One of her Cartoonist’s Diary! Continue reading


Colleen Frakes: Day Five

You can actually go home again, but sometimes that means you have to find a way to entertain other people’s children if you want to survive the flight. Colleen Frakes can tell you all about it! Continue reading


Colleen Frakes: Day Four

Sometimes, even if it means the destruction of expensive technology, you have to document the theft of human food by our brothers and sisters that call the Alaskan sky home. Colleen has your Thursday covered! Continue reading


Colleen Frakes: Day Three

Dungeons and Dragons, cooking, a little house built by a teenager, and more science: it’s Wednesday, and Colleen is holding it down in Alaska! Continue reading


Colleen Frakes: Day Two

Coffee and comics are great, but there’s no substitute for greenery. Need some science for that statement? Colleen has you covered, in day two of her Alaskan adventure! Continue reading


Colleen Frakes: Day One

Sometimes you need to get away from it all: and sometimes that moment corresponds with an artist camp taking place in Alaska. Colleen Frakes has the details, in this week’s Cartoonist Diary! Continue reading


Fiona Smyth: Day Five

The week ends the way it started, with art, love and RuPaul. It’s a Fiona Friday Fantasia! Continue reading