A Cartoonist’s DiaryA Cartoonist’s Diary


Leslie Stein: Day 4

Tasty inventions and familial bonding. Continue reading

Leslie Stein

Leslie Stein: Day 3

Abstaining makes the heart grow (fonder). Continue reading

Leslie Stein

Leslie Stein: Day 2

Revisiting Pogo and Uncle Buck. Continue reading


Leslie Stein: Day 1

Waking up and scooting. Continue reading


Shannon Wheeler: Day Five — Portugal

In which our diarist attends an international comics festival. Continue reading


Shannon Wheeler: Day Four — Leaving New York

In which our diarist attempts to escape from New York. Continue reading


Shannon Wheeler: Day Three — Occupy Wall Street

In which our diarist witnesses a protest, and looks for a souvenir. Continue reading


Shannon Wheeler: Day Two — The New Yorker

In which our diarist submits work to a magazine, goes drinking with fellow cartoonists, and attends a performance. Continue reading