A Cartoonist’s DiaryA Cartoonist’s Diary

Melanie Gillman: Day Two

Sometimes, you can open your window and tell your caterwauling neighbors to keep it down. Other times? Best to leave things alone and count to ten. Continue reading


Melanie Gillman: Day One

Cartoonist Melanie Gillman is on their way to the White Leaves Artist Residency–but first, they’ve got to learn the rules of the land. Then, creation can commence! Continue reading


Joe Decie: Day Five

A night out with friends presents an artistic dilemma for this week’s cartoonist. How will Joe cope? Continue reading


Joe Decie: Day Four

Life makes its presence felt, and Joe goes for a run to figure things out. Continue reading


Joe Decie: Day Three

Animal waste didn’t stop Mozart, and construction noise didn’t silence Kirby–and they won’t slow Joe Decie down either! Continue reading


Joe Decie: Day Two

It’s okay to keep a sock that’s not yours–but first, you’ve got to due some diligence. Let Joe Decie show you the path! Continue reading


Joe Decie: Day One

We all have the chance to be the Pied Piper in our own lives–just don’t miss the opportunity when it appears. Joe is here: let Decie Week begin! Continue reading


Jesse Reklaw: Day Five

Tempeh with green beans and garlic Continue reading