A Cartoonist’s DiaryA Cartoonist’s Diary

Glynnis Fawkes: Day Two

There’s one surefire antidote for the poison of bureaucratic language, and it’s at hand for us all, every minute of the day. Glynnis Fawkes: Day Two! Continue reading


Glynnis Fawkes: Day One

You may think you’ve heard every excuse children use to get out of going to school, but something tells me that the one the Fawkes kids pulled off is gonna prove you wrong. Continue reading


Ellen Lindner: Day Five

Perfection cannot remain ignored for long, even if it’s just eyebrows we’re talking about. Friday is here, and so is Ellen Lindner! Continue reading


Ellen Lindner: Day Four

In today’s installment, Ellen embraces ritual to soothe her baseball woes, clears a deadline out of the way…and makes a giant life choice involving her hair color. Continue reading


Ellen Lindner: Day Three

Opera, books, listening, Instagram. It couldn’t get more slice of life than it’s getting this Wednesday. A birthday approaches! Continue reading


Ellen Lindner: Day Two

We all have our various ways to kill cubicle time when the work is slow to come. For example: Tea. On a Tuesday? Continue reading


Ellen Lindner: Day One

Ellen faces the withdraw that follows binge-watching, grapples with…what is that, Hale & Hearty? No matter. A new Diary begins! Continue reading


Marc Bell: Day Five

The grand finale. Continue reading