Brittle Bones

It's Tuesday and that means while you were sleeping Joe McCulloch was writing about the week in comics.


TCJ-contributor Nicole Rudick interviews 7 Miles a Second artists James Romberger and Marguerite Van Cook for Artforum.

There is a new Seth book on the horizon and it sounds excellent.

George Lucas has a proposal for a "Cultural Arts" museum with a heavy illustration and cartooning emphasis, which could be interesting. Lucas once was a backer of a comic art gallery in NYC some 30 or more years ago. Aside from his Rockwell collection he's known to have one of the largest George Herriman collections. Who knows what else is in there...

This the first review I've seen of Renee French's TOON book, Barry's Best Buddy. I'm looking forward to that book.

Click here for fear.

Attention Chester Brown: Louis Riel photos found in Australia. That's a commute.

It's pix from the Society of Illustrator's Harvey Kurtzman opening.

I've lately been amazed at how corporate hacks and apologists have reinvented themselves as "historians" but that's showbiz, folks. In any case, I'll let you guess which of the panelists at this talk have anything relevant to say about the topic.

4 Responses to Brittle Bones

  1. patrick ford says:

    I’m eager to read the Warren Bernard article based on the recently released Wertham documents. TCJ #302 still hasn’t shipped though. No doubt it’s just me, but it seems like there was a sudden rush of “historians” trying to get in line ahead of Bernard.

  2. patrick ford says:
  3. Nate says:

    That’s a terrible thing to say about Yoe.

  4. steven samuels says:

    Say what? I thought he was picking a fight with Hajdu.

    Just like the old message board days. All we need is Tony Millionaire and voila!

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