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Brandon Graham: Doomsday 4 Dummies


I woke around noon today.

Me and Mia Schwartz are doing a poster together -- these are some of the rough ideas we've been emailing back and forth. Me on the Left, her on Right.

These are some of her recent pages for a thing shes doing in Fixit magazine. I like the tricks she did on these with the pixeled out armpit and the list. (Karate)

Mia's site:

and Fixit:

Also my Homie Simon Roy sent me a short thing he's doing for the Popgun anthology. I like how wintery the colors turned out.

Simon's site:

One of my duties in this life is to bring my lady muffins when the need arises. The people that work at the coffee shop I get them from think I'm some weird muffin-obsessed muffin pervert.

Then I went to my favorite comic store on earth, RX Comics.

I should pay rent for how much time I spend in the quarter bins outside the door.

This is the inside. I'm all about the dense clutter of the place. I go into RX like 3 times a week and always find new stuff.

I met up with Steve LeCouilliard there to trade some pages.

This is Steve:

And this is one of the pages I got from him. I'm all about how he draws pigs.

Steve does a comic called Much the Miller’s Son. It's good stuff. His next book of it is all color.

You can read the thing here:


Next I went with my lady space assassin Marian to pick up a package and get flour.

Here's a sign in the neighborhood I like.

Here's some designs I liked at the grocery empire. If you like the look of these as much as I do we have some cumin ground.

After we got the package (a human head), I tried to get my photo taken on this chilled-out gentleman alligator that I like. Some asshole walked in front of the camera.


By 6, all of my duties in life were out of the way so I made coffee and drank it with this rum carrot cake that Marian made. It's the stuff of legends.

I read Stokoe's new Orc Stain on the toilet (shit taking comics bra). Whenever I hear anyone say that they don't have time to read comics I always assume they don't have bowel movements.

I'm biased as shit about James's stuff but I really dug this issue. I like what he's doing with the colors too, it seems like he's getting even more solid with it.

Then I colored Multiple Warheads pages while listening to lots of rap.

I took a break for lunch. I have this idea that bowl noodles are the working food that I can have in my lap and not get slowed down by all these human needs.

I went downstairs to harass Marian.

Here's how that page I put up the pencils of on Monday came out.

I based those marsh mellow dudes in the last panel off of how Marian's erasers look (she uses red pencils).

I did some reworking of the 3rd panel after I'd inked it. that smudge is white out and I had an idea I liked better on how to draw her arms so I drew it on another page and put it in in Photoshop.


And here's some layout I've been working on. This is usually how I write my pages, I'll come up with a super rough plan of what happens in an issue and then plan out each scene like this as I go.

It's a nice night here.

Brandon Graham is the creator of King City and Multiple Warheads.


18 Responses to Brandon Graham: Doomsday 4 Dummies

  1. jordynfb says:

    I am enjoying these posts, Brandon! Admittedly I never spent as much time in RX while I lived in Van, it wasn't in my neighborhood, but I really miss that shop. Hot chalk IS comics.

    Did the new Orc Stain come out? I bug the store I go to way to much about that comic. I loves it.

  2. adamszym says:

    Man I really dig the colors you've got brewin' up on Multiple Warheadzzzz.

    You use a lot of soft colors which I dig and which is completely out of my personal colorin' comfort zone. That's probably partially why I dig it.

    How much thought are you puttin' into the colors on this beast?

    Also this seems like a silly question but you seem to use a lot of rounded corners in the panels. What do you use for that, just rule out straight lines and then wing it on the corners? Cause I suck at making rounded panels.

  3. FrankSantoro says:

    Talking birds and plane crashes? Is that legal? Did Simon have to work out a licensing deal with Anders Nilsen?
    Just sayin!

    p.s. sitting on the alligator Brandon looks like Earthling the cat…

  4. Jesse H Mead says:

    good thing you didn't run into that bastard seagull. he seems to follow you relentlessly…

  5. milonogiannis says:

    I'm crazy about that close-up bike reflection shot, and how it brings it all together with the main panel.

  6. RichardBaez says:

    a. Sad fact: Even though your cartoony self is blocking the contents of that long box, I can still tell that you're blocking a copy of Starlin & Mignola's Cosmic Odyssey.

    b. Are all your coasters comics?

    c. That muffin photo is scary – it reminds me of The Thing (the Carpenter movie).

  7. MValade says:

    I was already a huge fan of yours, but the fact that I see a shot with a Mulehide Poison Elves issue in it makes you my new hero of comics lol
    Drew Hayes and that series are what made me want to do comics for the rest of my time on earth (and maybe even self publish in the afterlife)
    Other than that I just wanted to say you and the creators you surround yourself with are exactly what this medium needs. I am grateful for your blog cuz, as mentioned in one of these already, I always come away from them with an intense desire to create.
    Thank you for that man :)

  8. nrh says:

    That talking bird comic looks like it is to "Big Quetions" what "Poison Elves" is to "Elf Quest." You know? I am waiting for the xtreme color version of "Monologues for the Coming Plague."

    Also a Marian Churchland diary series would be pretty cool to see, just saying.

  9. Brandon says:

    Thanks Jordyn. I think Orc stain comes out in a week or 2. It is awesome.

  10. Brandon says:

    Thanks Adam.
    Most of the time I'm just keeping the colors pretty basic but I've been trying to think more about what's possible with color. I've been thinking of that Miller Elerctra book where it's all red in the snow.

    I rule out the straight panel lines and then just draw in the rounded edges. It gets a little sloppy sometimes but hopefully it gives it a more fantasy look.

  11. Brandon says:

    I think they have a time share worked out with Talking birds and plane crashes–simon gets them 3 months out of the year.

  12. Brandon says:

    that seagull is a bastard!

  13. Brandon says:

    Thanks Giannis

  14. Brandon says:

    A/ It IS cosmic odyssey. Good eye.

    B. yes.

    C. good point the thing could turn into anything "who was alone with that muffin!?"

  15. Brandon says:

    I was all about Drew Hayes when I was a teenager. I've even got a drawing from him around here somewhere.
    I reread his starting notes a lot. — And thanks, the blog is partly just to keep me excited about comics I'm glad it works for you as well.

  16. mercurialblonde says:

    I love these very very much. This and your blog entries are like weekly(now daily) comic coke. Also I'm really excited about more Multiple Warheads. That's my favorite thing of yours so far. Stokoe's Orc Stain is insane. It's one of those things where you're like I can't believe I get to buy this, type of comics. His talent is unfair. Yours too for that matter. Your whole sick crew. How about some Marley Zarcone colored things this week? If you do requests.

  17. badgerlegs says:

    *squints* Is that a Rita Hayworth pasteup on the side of the billiards building?

    Liking the arm-collectin’ badger. Do they get paid per arm?

  18. Heather Locklear says:

    I will be a winner

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