Blind To Passes

Today at the Journal, we'll hear from Tessa Strain, the heir apparent to the Chesapeake County Cheesecake Forum (yup), with her review of Prism Stalker, the latest comic from Sloane Leong and Image Comics. It's a doozy of a piece, befitting a comic that brings no small share of the dooze. Here's a taste of the hurdles Tessa needed the comic to clear, and a hint at whether Leong accomplished said clearing: 

The word “worldbuilding” makes my gums bleed, conjuring either a text bogged down with endless exposition (because god forbid your readers not be aware of every detail of your research and design process) or deliberately opaque (smugly suggesting a world so impossibly dense with detail that you can hardly expect to be exposed to more than a delicate truffle-like shaving of it), but the world of Prism Stalker manages to be complex and richly developed without being wankily self-serving, a feat more impressive given that Leong has said that the idea for the series has been gestating for years. Her story and characters have emerged fully realized and sure-footed, without the extra baggage that often comes with extended percolation.

And that's not all. To get your Monday launched properly, we've got another look at one of the comics in the Kilgore Books Seasonal Kickstarter--Tinderella, by M.S. Harkness. In this installment, a young person procrastinates on getting an eye infection checked out, despite the fact that conjunctivitis is highly contagious. They even go to a public pool. Selfish!

If I was Joe Casey, I would be sending invoices to Tom King every couple of days. (Or Joe could just forward the ones he gets from Grant Morrison Alan Moore.) 

3 Responses to Blind To Passes

  1. BradC says:

    Et tu New Yorker? Watching the construction of Tom King hype-mountain has been frustrating. And as usual it’s Tom King that’s the genius in this review. The writer literally shoehorned one sentence in to talk about the art.

  2. AEL says:

    I don’t know if you noticed but this week will be shutting down. I remember Tucker, Joe and maybe other Journal contributes writing a few articles. Maybe some of you would be interested saving them before the 30th?

  3. Paul says:

    If nobody gets raped, is it really an Alan Moore ripoff? If the writer doesn’t wear sunglasses inside and have the smarm that goes with that, and also a love of shoehorning rape into stories, is it really a Joe Casey ripoff?

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