Back to Work

We're salving our fireworks wounds and recovering from a very long day in traffic this morning, so time is tight, but we've got some new content for you, too.

Chris Randle interviews the illustrator and Skim artist, Jillian Tamaki.

Frank Santoro gets a bit more informal in his latest column on color.

Joe McCulloch delivers his always invaluable column on the week in new comics.


Chris Mautner's written another solid entry in his recurring Comics College feature, this time on the most essential cartoonist of them all, George Herriman. I endorse Mautner's recommendations on this one.

The New York Times came up with the bright idea of commissioning the famous activist and former sex worker Annie Sprinkles to review Paying for It. It's a fun, short read, but more interesting for sociological reasons than as a piece of criticism.

And finally, the nominations for this year's Harvey Awards have been announced.

4 Responses to Back to Work

  1. bkmunn says:

    Hey, that Tamaki interview seems to have been lost in the shuffle!

  2. BVS says:

    re: color riff
    it has always been irksome to me the that a very expensive program like photo shop is the standard. for those out there with no money or no limited internet piracy skills your screwed or left being dependant on your more computer savy friends. there is GIMP the free photoshop alternative, but does anyone actually use it regularly? myself i’m only toyed arround with it, but it seems like it has every feature a cartoonist could require.

  3. Matthew Jeske says:


    it doesn’t matter if Photoshop is the industry standard if Gimp works for you. You can save as .tifs or .jpegs right? Those are the real industry standards. You’re only problem is if you’re doing collaborative coloring work, and that is only an obstacle to a limited extent.

    IN other words, who cares if anyone else uses it regularly?

  4. Matthew Jeske says:

    The Frank Santoro Art Process posts are very much enjoyed. I wish I could comment on them, but I think I understand why they’re closed to commenting. I think he is the best writer on comics working right now.

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