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Michael Dean has a report on the news of sudden closure of the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art's Soho location. And Craig Fischer brings us video arguments for the Jack Kirby family. Something to keep in mind as the megalith of Comic-Con rumbles to life. And Sean T. Collins reviews the first issue of Gilbert Hernandez's new series, Fatima the Blood Spinners.


-Kevin Huizenga, whose Gloriana (one of the all-time great comics) was recently reissued in hardcover, is interviewed at the AV Club and PW.

-Here's a guide to the Love & Rockets 30th anniversary celebrations at Comic-Con.

-TCJ-contributor Sean T. Collins has a cartoon collaboration with Jonny Negron over at Studygroup.

-I've enjoyed comics by lots of these people, so this Oily Comics subscription seems like a good deal.

-Huh, Peter Milligan and Brendan McCarthy briefly had a comic strip in 1987.

-Finally, here's a mess of Edgar Rice Burroughs covers, just because.



4 Responses to Back East

  1. Paul Slade says:

    What’s the deal with these 30 new pages of Jamie in the Ti-Girls book? Are they a prologue? An epilogue? A new chapter? A back-up story? Little expansions of the story dotted throughout? Or none of the above?

  2. Jeet Heer says:

    The 30 new pages are spliced in throughout the story. They consist of some new covers to the fictional Ti-Girl comics, some incidental new scenes and, most substantially, an expansion of the Penny Century storyline, giving a greater sense of her remorse and the pathos of her condition.

  3. Jeet Heer says:

    For the record, the 30 new pages consist of p. 5, 21, 57, 82, 87, 99-101, 105, 108-123, 130-134.

  4. Daniel C. Parmenter says:

    All of the additions are seamlessly integrated and the new conclusion with Angel’s little sister is really well done. It’s no spoiler to say that this conclusion strengthens the “an imaginary story…or was it?” aspect of the story.

    What a wonderful book this is. Sort of like a Dave Cockrum-era issues of Legion of Super Heroes crossed with a Lifetime Channel movie of the week. I was particularly delighted to see Xochitl again, though of course she’s not quite the Xochitl we know from “Whoah Nellie!” and “Chester Square”. Still, seeing her pull a few wrestling moves on her evil twin was a nice little nod to the “real” Jaime continuity.

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