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Permanent Emergency

It’s a mainstream-y kinda day, but we’ll do it our way. Continue reading


He Has Nothing You’ll Want

Jog’s back. Continue reading


Blue Flowers

Today at TCJ, we’re talking Norm, Jesse & wiping that smirk off your face. Continue reading


The Exhausted Core

Bye, Norm. Continue reading


Dead Lies On Target

Lutes, Wilson, Nichols & Hendrix. And that’s just the creators: we got critics too! Continue reading


Strangers Can’t Be Disappointed

Comics, reviews, interviews & videos. Common stream content: Monday! Continue reading


Nice Beard, Creep

More talk about Bruce Wayne and genitals than you would normally expect on a Thursday, methinks. Continue reading


Burn or Jump

Today at TCJ, we bite our tongue. That’s where the spiders live! Continue reading